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Boot Camp Testimonials

2004-2005 Participant Feedback

"You have provided me with clarity. At the risk of making my wife jealous and sounding out of character, I haven't been able to get you off my mind all weekend. You provided me with tangible and intangible resources that are and will be present in my mind and on my desk for a very long time to come. The title of Guru is well deserved and definitely earned."

Thanks again,
Anthony Mancini

"Attending Michael Hughes' Networking Boot Camp was the best investment I have ever made towards the success of my business. Every minute of the day was filled with information, ticks and tools to maximize the value of my networking. His teaching style allowed me to understand the practicality and importance of every aspect of networking from planning ahead to follow-up. For a full day workshop, instead of leaving exhausted and overwhelmed, I left invigorated, self-confident and with a solid understand of how to work my net. Michael, I can not thank you enough for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm, you truly are Canada's Networking Guru!"

Angela Cummings

"You truly demonstrate the value of developing exceptional networking skills and have obviously 'walked the walk' yourself. I would not hesitate in recommending your program to people in my organization."

Thanks, Steve Gobel

"Michael's "How to become an overnight networking expert" boot camp really delivers. Of course the material is great, of course the techniques and theory are sound, but what impresses me the most is Michael's enthusiasm for and talent for teaching these most valuable skills. He really is a Guru for networking!"

Thanks a lot Michael. Take care.
Dan Trommater

"Hi Michael. I wanted to take the time to thank you for the presentation on networking you did yesterday. You truly are a phenomenal speaker and offered me solutions and ideas for selling and prospecting. I left the course feeling very alive, with perhaps with a little more self confidence to go out and put your theories to work for me. Thank you again Michael for a wonderful presentation . You ARE the networking guru!"

Jennifer Pashak,

"The presentation on Friday was very productive. Your enthusiasm and content was very professional. I now have a new format to move forward and professionally introduce my services in a networking environment."

Glen St-John.

"Thank you for an outstanding day! Your course was both informative and very practical. I walked away with a new appreciation of the fundamentals that support success every step of the way. Now I have the fun task of implementing all the great ideas."

Justier Espenant

"Michael Hughes has the uncanny ability to engage the participants in his seminars. The real-time skill-development practice sessions are a great way for the participants to immediately apply what he 'teaches'."

Patrick Asselin

"A little note to thank you for today's session. Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience over and above the course material was greatly appreciated. You managed to pack so much information in such a short period of time keeping the interest of everyone with your humor, professionalism and wealth of practical skills."

Suzanne Boal,

"The workshop was excellent. Very informative. Delivered in a nice, easy, and logical format. Location & seminar room was perfect. Lnch & refreshments great."

Gerry Cardinal

Return to The Ultimate Networking Skills Boot Camp to get all the details on this incredible program (and now I've doubled the value) and register for the next session Sept. 22 - Ottawa, Oct. 4 -Toronto.

P.S.: I've also created a "distance learning" option in case you can't attend the live session.

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