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Coaching and Consulting

A Proven Corporate Resource

Michael Hughes has been acting as a specialized resource for business professionals for over fifteen years. Using his unique blend of experience, skills and expertise acquired over four decades in the business world, he partners with successful organizations and individuals to act as a catalyst for change.

Working closely with client-partners, Michael blends in-depth research with his vast array of business and networking expertise and experience to select the best options for success. He is a skilled coach, experienced trainer and enthusiastic and dynamic speaker who is committed to helping others succeed.

Michael makes his greatest contribution when he has the opportunity to work with organizations over an extended period by increasing awareness, developing strategies and build networking skills. His consulting programs are performance-based and results-driven, using his proprietary Networking For Results Skills Assessment.

"Michael, I just want to thank you for all your help and advice which in turn helped me to achieve 100% of plan this year. I was the only Service Sales rep in Canada to make plan and there is no doubt your formula worked for me."

Sun Microsystems of Canada

Click here to contact Michael today about his availability to help your team achieve more and better success by Networking For Results.

A Business-Building Partner

One of the most difficult issues about being a small-business owner, self-employed entrepreneur or sales professional is gaining on-going access to proven resources. Now there’s a program that supplies the information, tools and motivation to help you drive your business.

Michael Hughes has been coaching professionals for over 25 years. His business background, his SOHO owner success and his corporate consulting expertise combine to position him as an expert in business development. Add to this his focus as a networking specialist, and you have the perfect partner-resource to help you grow your business.

Every year, Michael works one-on-one with a small group of committed professionals who are dedicated to unprecedented growth. He integrates his proven tools, customized templates and on-going feedback to dramatically affect result and outcomes.

Are ready to rise to the next level?

His Networking for Results™ Million Dollar Business Coaching Program involves a three-pronged approach that includes a complete needs evaluation, development of a customized plan to achieve desired results and an on-going coaching process. This is program is offered by invitation only, and is restricted to individuals or companies that are committed to profitable growth.

Does his program work? Read what others are saying about the impact Michael on their success:

"Michael Hughes is my business coach. I am able to attribute $150,000 in additional revenues in 2003 as a direct result of working with him."

Tom Stoyan,
Coaching & Sales Institute

"Last year my total sales were $XXX+ …three times the year before and I attribute that to the excellent coaching and support that I received from you. This year, at the six month mark, my total sales are already at $XXX+ …looks like I’m on track for another great year."

Janet Stewart-Lussier,
NRL Group Inc.

Click here to contact Michael about the requirements and space availability for this program.

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