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Speaking of networking….

Michael HughesNetworking consistently ranks as one of the top three topics for conferences and meetings. If this area is a priority for your association, group or team, why not invest in one of the most proven networking resources?

Most requested session

The Art & Science of Turning 3-Minute Conversations into Powerful Relationships and Profitable Results

Networking is recognized as the most cost-effective way to build your business or drive your revenues and as such, is of primary importance for every business professional.  Unfortunately, for over 90% of business and sales professionals, it is also a misunderstood and abused business strategy.

Content: This highly interactive session addresses the most common networking myths, explores secret network principles and supplies success strategies for creating and leveraging a network of relationships, the foundation of  long term business success!



“You really got your networking messages out there and the team was still 'abuzz' at 4:30 speaking about your concepts, suggestions and best practices.  The conference was deemed a significant success and you were a key contributor.”

Brian Holt, Regional Director, Scotiabank

A timely and topical program

We're not In Kansas Anymore, Toto! Leveraging Online Networks for Fun & Profit.

The irony of our technology-focused world is that in todays hi tech environment, The Power of Personal Contact has never held more power and potential. This presentation shares practical information related to the online social marketing phenomenon and links it to little-known network principles for real-world results

Content: The possibilities and pitfalls of online networks – leveraging your online presence – linking online networking to maximize the network effect – proven relationship management strategies that tap into the human networking dynamic – networking action plan for immediate results.



“The presentation was excellent.  The content was very informative and timely in helping us focus on building our business.  I know I personally walked away with a few new ideas of how I can improve my networking skills.”

 Dorothy Smith, The Mortgage Centre.

And now, for something completely different

Leveraging the Network Effect

A summary of the accumulated experience and expertise garnered over 60 years of life lessons, delivered as a reminder of the power and potential of relationships. This intimate and insightful presentation incorporates powerful and practical real-life examples of the human side of business networking and its impact on business and life.



“I was at your presentation yesterday and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I learned so much!  Your wisdom is very useful – can’t wait to go out and try it.  I love human psychology and you have obviously captured it in your work.  Watching and listening to you made me think, “I can do this, I can be just as successful as he his!”

Eva O’Grady.

Let’s talk about you

Customize Your Program

Michael’s fifteen years of relentless research on the subject of networking has yielded an incredible amount of networking-related business information, knowledge and value. Choose from one of the programs below, or contact him to discuss your specific needs.

"In addition to your finely tuned networking skills, I believe that you are so in demand because you are such an excellent speaker. I will never forget your lecture during the 2007 Association of Fundraising Professionals conference -- informative and entertaining."

                                                                Robyn Harris, Association of Fundraising Professionals

More Referrals – Creating a Referral-Generating Machine.

Moving From Contact to Client – The Complete Guide to “What’s Next?”

Networking Group Success Strategies – Maximum Leverage, Minimum Effort.

Maximizing The V.I.P Factor – Leveraging Centres of Influence For Fun & Profit.

Networking as a Strategic Corporate Career Resource.


"It was such a pleasure working with Michael in the preparation and delivery of the Networking Workshop.  Although we were on a fast turn- around, Michael made himself available to really connect with where the organization was at, and to tailor his message in a way that landed clearly for everyone.” 

Jean Ogilvie, Internet Consulting Group 


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