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Networking Skills Assessment

Congratulations on investing in yourself! Take the Networking for Results Skills Assessment to determine where you should focus your efforts and energies.

For many people, networking is a big grey cloud that intimidates and creates negative feelings. The reality is that just as with many things in life, networking is just another set of skills that can be mastered. There are no magical secrets. It’s not a quality we are born with, although some of us are more adept at using these skills or have the ability to improve more quickly than others. The bottom line is that great networkers are not born, they are made, and improving networking results starts with an assessment of your current skill levels.

Networking for results involves three key skills that each of us can assess and develop. All three are basic to a professional and most of us have already had some exposure to them. The information below will clarify each skill, and the networking skills assessment on the next page will help you establish how and where you can make the biggest gain in the shortest period of time.

STEP ONE: complete the NFR Skills Assessment.

STEP TWO: check your score and identify your highest-need skills area.

STEP THREE: review the information supplied to start your skill-building.

STEP FOUR: invest in on-going networking skill-building with the NFR Network option that fits best for you.

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