Making Money With LinkedIn®


Half-Day Workshop Oct. 3rd Ottawa : How I Used LinkedIn® to Generate $50K+ in Revenues


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I got tired of the over-promoted, over-the-top marketing hype about LinkedIn® that only created more work, wasted my time and resulted in little or no revenues. So I decided to focus all of my networking experience and expertise on proving that this online social networking tool could produce measurable and tangible results…and I’ve done it!


I’ve cracked the “LinkedIn® Sales Code” and I’m going to share how to use it to:

P.S.: The end-result of this focused and disciplined 90-day pilot project is that it will generate over $50,000 in revenues (I have proof). It has worked so well I’m doing it again.


"I attended the program in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, and my LI relationships have changed, just from one small point I learned in the class. I am

making deeper connections in less time, and also am able to use this same mindset to make better choices on relationships to pursue."


I’ve created a realistic, results-based LinkedIn® sales success formula with

N.B.: this three-step formula can be adapted to any business or sales professional’s needs.


"Michael has taken his expertise in real world networking and successfully mapped it onto the virtual world, specifically, LI, though equally applicable to FB and Twitter. What became very clear to me during the course of his session this morning, is that the approach I had been taking previously was not that effective. His insight has given me a new perspective on getting more business in a more effective and meaningful way. I am immediately putting into practice the lessons learned this morning."

Jasvinder Obhi, COO, Co-Founder, RocketOwl Inc.


NOTE: Bring your laptop or iPad to make immediate changes and start improving your LinkedIn results the same day!


My LinkedIn® Sales Success System Includes


"I think you are amazing.  I found your session yesterday really informative and helpful.  I will be recommending that my Regional Sales Manager consider touching base with you to see if we can do something company-wide."


BONUS CONTENT: this workshop now includes an "online communication skills" segment to help dramatically drive your online results.


Here’s what you’ll receive as part of this seminar:


"I attended a workshop that Michael offered, focused how to utilize the power of LinkedIn. It was full of interesting, new and invaluable content. He provided tips that could be implemented immediately to help improve one's approach and success in business."


I’m sharing everything I’ve learned on Oct. 3/18, 9:00 - 11:30 am.


"I attended Michael Hughes’ LinkedIn™ seminar earlier today and took away strategies that will without a doubt increase my revenue this year. "


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